The Gold Standard of Grilled Cheese

It’s safe to say the DC area is experiencing quite the restaurant revival! Some might even predict that the market is becoming saturated (check out this article.) But despite the boom in trendy restaurants, Washingtonians still have a soft spot in their hearts for those old yet classic establishments that serve some awesome, homey meals. In 1968, Stoney’s opened it’s doors to DC. But by 2006, Stoney’s moved a few blocks away to its current location on P Street in the booming Logan Circle neighborhood, sharing a block with likes of Lululemon and Whole Foods. Though its clientele may have changed with the growing area, Stoney’s continues to exemplify a neighborhood restaurant and bar, serving up many of the same dishes offered back in 1968.


I dig Stoney’s casual atmosphere. There’s no host. You just seat yourself at a highboy near the bar or one of the many four tops towards the back. I prefer the high stools close to the bar and near the window as it’s the best spot for people watching on the ever bustling P Street. Stoney’s has a solid menu of American comfort food, but the grilled cheese is what truly made this joint famous. Last Saturday, Hewitt, Jenna, and I ventured out to Logan Circle to check out this DC cult classic.


For less than $10 bucks, you get a massive grilled cheese and an overflowing bowl crisp fries. Better yet, Stoney’s offers multiple varieties, all delicious.


Due to a queasy stomach (thanks to a fun Friday night), I had to stick with the basics and chose the “Classic Grilled Cheese.” This baby single-handedly eliminated any trace of a hangover. Two pieces of generously buttered and grilled Texas toast surround a huge chunk of melted American cheese. I don’t think there is a better formula for a grilled cheese sandwich: crispy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Jenna hit in the big leagues, ordering the “Super Grilled Cheese.”


Bursting with tomato, bacon and onions, this sandwich looked (and tasted) like a dream.

Hewitt chose the  “Ham and Cheese”, a sandwich that he loved as a kid (and still does today).


Of course, he was a little antsy as I asked him to refrain from digging in so I could take a picture of this beauty. Look at those thick and salty slices of ham!

Stoney’s also offers a “Rocket Cheese”, filled with arugula, swiss, and grape tomatoes on multi-grain. Frankly, that sounded a little too healthy to me. If you can’t get enough of Maryland crab, you might like to try the “Chesapeake Cheese”, with a crab cake, swiss, alfredo sauce, and spinach on multi-grain.

Moral of the story: get your butt over to P street and splurge (calorie wise) on Stoney’s grilled cheese. Pair that with a draft beer and you’ll be one happy Washingtonian.

Stoney’s 433 P St. NW Washington DC, 20005


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