3 Reasons Why Far East Taco Grille is the Bomb

Despite the animosity between brick and mortar restaurants and food wheels,  DC food trucks continue to rule the lunch scene. And lucky for me, I work near Franklin Square, a massive hub for food trucks. In the spirit of food truck Friday, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorites: Far East Taco Grille.


When savory Korean BBQ meets a traditional taco stand the result is fast, cheap, and rad.

1.) As someone who is frequently hangry (especially come noon on a weekday), I appreciate a swift, tasty lunch spot. In my experience, food trucks can be notoriously slow, especially when hunkered down by a wad of customers. But despite snaking lines, Far East Taco produces unique and tasty tacos FAST.

2.) $8 for 3 stuffed tacos? I’m sold.


3.) Um, look at this menu?


If this list of options seems daunting, fear not! Far East Taco Grille always has a recommendations board.

01fab44838d3e59761c89dc0d5b7f8bf10b05878cdHonestly, it’s hard to go wrong with any sort of combination. Two of my favorites include:


steak, #15 sauce, kimchi-lime, and cheesy lime crema


pork, grilled fajita peppers, spicy mayo, and onion lime relish

Check out their twitter or Food Truck Fiesta each day to find out where you can find one of three Far East Taco Grille trucks!


This face says, “Stop taking pictures of me, I just want to eat some tacos.”




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