Rose’s Luxury

After quite the hiatus, I am back! But let’s not dwell on my delinquencies. I want to tell you about one of my favorite new spots.

If you live in the DC area, I’m sure you’ve heard of a little old joint called Roses Luxury.


Let me just some it up for you in one word appropriately hanging on the wall of Aaron Silverman’s “exclusively unexclusive” haunt  …


Due to the no reservations clause (as Tom Siestma thoroughly outlines here), Ariel and I scooted our little butts over to Capitol Hill right after work!

We arrived around 6 pm. Quite a few tables were already full but we were given the choice of a regular two top or a seat at the counter in front of the kitchen. Now, this might not seem glamorous but I HIGHLY suggest you take this option, if possible. This counter is not akin to sitting at a regular restaurant bar but rather front court seats to some seriously exciting magic in the kitchen.




After allowing us to admire the view for a few short minutes, a spunky server popped over to greet us. Sparing us a long winded list of specials and suggestions, she simply encouraged us to order five or six small plates to share quickly adding, “Every dish will blow your mind.”

We began with a couple of cocktails and crisp bottle of white wine.


Just moments after ordering, another server delivered us the most decadent and fragrant potato bread, piping hot I might add! This beautiful loaf was served with whipped butter, chopped chives, and little bits that look like bacon but were actually dried potato skins!


Good luck sticking to one slice.


Next came our order of Jonah crab claws served with mignonette and a kewpie-ramp top mayo.


These bad boys come at  3 bucks a pop so we ordered two each for a little taste.


Melt-in-your-mouth-good, these crab claws were well worth it!


Now for one of my favorite dishes of the night:  pork sausage, habanero, and lychee salad topped with a bit of coconut cream foam.

As soon as this bowl dropped on the table, our sever scurried over to give us some very strict instructions. “Stir that bowl up like crazy! You really want all the flavors to meld together,” she insisted. Now, I could say I wanted spare you the ugly sight of this bowl mixed together…but in reality, I forgot to take a picture as I was too busy gobbling this down.

Then came house baked sourdough with homemade goat’s milk ricotta and a spring vegetable salad. Though tasty, this dish wasn’t too memorable and I probably wouldn’t order it again.


And then our protein fix…jerk chicken with peach raita and green mango salad. A fancy twist on the Caribbean classic, this juicy chicken was another highlight of our night!


Next a bowl of crispy fried squid, avocado, crema, and lime.


The ink atop the squid proved to be a bit salty and overpowered the plate. Unfortunately, this made the dish hard to finish. But luckily, we were saved by the next course…

Watching the pasta chef at work had to be one of my favorite parts about sitting at the kitchen. I loved observing this chef’s skill and patience as she nurtured the various pasta dishes. Ariel and I enjoyed a bit of her talent in the gnocchi, garnished simply with black pepper and parmesan.


Just LOOK at those buttery buggers. I could eat a whole pan!

And though I thought surely at this point in the evening I would need to be carted from Rose’s in a wheel barrel, our server convinced us not to leave without a sweet finale: goat’s milk stracciatella with crushed spicy meringue atop strawberry preserves. To die for!


Our serve also graced us with a complimentary goblet of strawberry liqueur that paired perfectly with our dessert.


In quite the food coma, Ariel and I bid farewell to Rose’s and those lucky diners still basking in the glow of this magical restaurant.


Rose’s Luxury

717 8th St. SE on Capitol Hill

Serving dinner Monday through Saturday


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